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Exploring the Stunning Beauty of Positano on the Amalfi Coast


The wondrous Amalfi Coast panoramas never fail to steal the heart of all the people who choose to spend some time in these mesmerizing locations. It would be quite easy to describe the everlasting appeal of charming landscapes and thrilling paths overlooking a breathtaking crystal-clear sea from the top of majestic cliffs.

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Amalfi Coast covers about 50 kilometers from Vietri sul Mare up to Punta Campanella. As you travel down the scenic roads winding through the coast, you have the chance to lay your eyes on astounding scenery. The small hamlets and towns that show up along the road every so often are picturesque and welcoming, making them the ideal place to take a little breather.

Villa dei Fisici is located in Positano and this is where our fantastic journey through the Coast will begin.

The soft-colored houses and buildings of the town, clinging to the hills and seemingly holding onto each other, win people over from the very moment they set their eyes on them. The maze of narrow alleys, decorated with colorful bougainvillea flowers coming down from above, resemble the backdrop of an Impressionist painting. Along the town streets, inside the shop windows, hand-painted artworks crafted by master potters and lively custom-made dresses created by expert tailors bear witness to ancient, local traditions.

Further down the road, there are several well-equipped beaches for relaxing holidays with your family or active ones with your friends. On the other hand, if you wish to find a more secluded spot for a romantic escapade, sheltered coves can welcome you and your loved one.

When you come back in the evening, a refreshment by the pool, against the backdrop of the sunset over the bay, will get you ready for a scrumptious dinner of freshly caught fish. You will experience the flavors and scents that define the local Mediterranean cuisine. A toast can mark the end of your meal with the sweet and fragrant limoncello, made from the golden citrus fruits growing all around here.

Positano lies in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Heading east, you can explore Furore and its fjord, a deep inlet between the cliffs, featuring a small beach surrounded by 30-meter-high rocky slopes.

Keep going eastward and you will end up in Amalfi, an ancient maritime Republic retaining much of its historic charm with a Norman-Arab style cathedral and narrow alleys bustling with activity. The nearby Ravello, atop of a hill, hosts several events in the summer, both cultural and popular, where many a world-famous artist often shows up.

On the other side, a maze of paths reserved to expert trekkers links the westbound road to small coves and bays, all the way to Punta Campanella. As the story goes, Ulysses met the mermaids who tried to lure him right here, in what is now a Natural Marine Reserve.

The Amalfi Coast and Positano give you the unique opportunity to go on an unforgettable journey featuring wonderful natural scenery, local handicraft shops, cultural sites and tasty dishes. Every step you take on this journey is a deep dive into a welcoming, colorful, and flavorsome world that will leave a wholesome, lasting impression on your heart and soul.

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Beaches of Positano

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