~ Beaches of Positano ~

Discover the Enchanting Beaches of the Amalfi Coast


If you truly wish to enjoy Positano in all its beauty, you should first look at it from the sea. A serendipitous location where you can marvel at the colorful lines and shapes drawn by the houses, all linked together in an everlasting embrace around the mountain.

Positano indeed looks like a background from a Romantic painter's masterpiece that suddenly decided to leave its canvas and come to life.

Over the summer, the waves gently brush the pebbles on the beaches, embracing them tightly with a warm hug; in winter, they show off their voracious strength as they come crashing into the coast.

Pablo Neruda once wrote: "Necesito del mar porque me enseƱa". I need the sea because it teaches me.

Just like observant students, let's explore the area together and find out where we can find the most charming beaches around Positano.

During your stay at Villa dei Fisici, you might become captivated by the vistas spreading out before your eyes as you enjoy the solarium and the pool. Unique scents and colors will monopolize your attention, up to the point that you could make up your mind to spend your entire vacation time right here.

However, we are in love with every corner of Positano and we would like you to picture them in your own mind through our eyes and words.

Here are the most breathtaking beaches you can enjoy while visiting this mesmerizing location.

You can reach Marina Grande by walking through crowded alleys full of small shops. This beach, made of pebbles and black sand, can welcome kids and people with little swimming experience, thanks to its shallow and gently sloping seabed. The central public beach is matched by adjacent facilities, well equipped with all kinds of services. Fashionable restaurants and bars bring a touch of luxury to the location, providing guests with local dishes and a breathtaking view of the sea.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more intimate experience in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, Fornillo beach would your best choice: a secluded alcove, away from the bustling crowd. You can get there after a brief scenic walk along the seashore. The seabed is made up of pebble and gravel and the clear waters let you enjoy the rich marine life.

Another hidden gem of the area surrounding Positano is Laurito beach. A quiet haven, private and remote, nestled in a cove between high cliffs where you can relax following a climb down a steep yet picturesque staircase or a short and fun boat ride. Unsoiled and romantic, enclosed by lush greenery, this beach provides you with a unique view of the bay.

A different staircase leads to Arienzo, also known as the "300-step beach". Since this beach is facing south-west, here you can fully enjoy the colorful explosion of different shades painted by the sunset in Positano.

Local boat tours give you a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the many hidden beaches around Positano. You can explore small coves and bays that are simply unreachable by land and stand in awe of the marvelous cliffs from an unrivaled point of view. Of course, you can also choose to take a dive and swim in the open sea, adding some adventure to your relaxing vacation at Villa dei Fisici in Positano.

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