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Unforgettable Holidays in Positano: Jewel of the Amalfi Coast


Each holiday destination on the Amalfi Coast manages to enrapture its guests thanks to their matchless atmosphere, vivid colors and Mediterranean fragrances. Among them, Positano shows off a timeless beauty that casts a spell on everyone.

Many a famous poet has described the winding alleys and narrow roads of the small town, linking together countless colorful houses that seem to barely cling to the cliffs, as a place floating between the everyday world and the ethereal realm of dreams. The famous American writer John Steinbeck once wrote: "Positano bites deep."

People often choose Positano as their next holiday destination after hearing the opinions and suggestions of other people who have already visited it. Perhaps a friend of yours has told you that the sea around here is spectacular and the local dishes are incredibly toothsome. Or a coworker recently came back to work wearing a linen dress enriched by a vibrant pattern, fit for a movie star, and told you that she had bought it in a local store in Positano.

Maybe a neighbor stalled you for a whole hour as he outlined a thorough description of his field trip on a lovely nature trail where he had a chance to admire breathtaking landscapes. Did someone you know show wonderful pictures of a sumptuous villa with an imperial-style living room, a pool surrounded by trees, a solarium, an exclusive suite featuring astonishing frescoed ceilings?

During your stay in Positano, you can take a walk around the old town, a full-fledged maze of roads, alleys, and staircases that lead to traditional handicraft shops. You can purchase handmade clothes, colorful majolica pottery, and the iconic, custom-made sandals, available both in a minimalist style and covered with sparkly beads.

Within the historic heart of the town, the church of Santa Maria Assunta will welcome you with a dome resembling a kaleidoscope of colorful majolica tiles, seemingly waiting for lovely couples who wish to marry right here, under the bright blue sky. Walking down the alleys you will reach Marina Grande beach, well equipped with all the necessary facilities.

The beaches around Positano cater to all tastes, from wide and crowded shorelines to tiny, cozy alcoves, shielded by cliffs and vegetation. You can only set foot on some of them from the sea, as an enchanting boat ride will show you a hidden side of Positano.

There is one more activity you should not miss while on vacation in Positano: hiking the Path of the Gods, a mountain trail about 7 kilometers (4 miles) long and around 600 meters (2000 feet) above sea level. It stretches from Agerola to Nocelle and offers a unique view of Positano. We cannot describe the beauty of this beautiful panorama with words alone. In order to enjoy it, you have to experience it first-hand.

Did all those people talking about their stay in Positano tell you the truth?

Yes, they did.

As a matter of fact, that is not all at Villa dei Fisici: here you can breathe in the enchanted atmosphere of Positano.

By now, we have definitely figured it out: Steinbeck was right. Positano bites deep.

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Beaches of Positano

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