~ Wedding in Positano Italy ~

Getting Married on the Amalfi Coast


Each wedding tells a story in itself.

The fairytale landscape, the colorful natural elements, the fragrant scents; you ought to choose every detail with care in order to create the perfect backdrop for your most magical day.

Why should you get married in Positano?

A picturesque seaside hamlet with softly colored houses hanging onto the cliffs high above the sea. This romantic stage never fails to fascinate the happy couple and their guests. Right in the center of this town, there is a church featuring a multichromatic dome through which a soft light seeps in and shines bright on the people inside.

Sometimes turquoise blue, other times emerald green, the crystal-clear sea encompasses the whole area. Every now and then, the winds generate small, relaxing ripples on the surface or cheerful, sparkling waves that crash down upon the rocks.

The kind eyes and bright smiles of the local people will meet the starry-eyed gaze of the happy couple as they take a walk through the narrow streets of the town. Warm and cozy, the staircases adorned with colorful flowers and the scent of lemons will make them feel right at home.

After taking care of the "why", let's start thinking about the "how".

To celebrate your wedding at a luxury mansion, against the backdrop of the town and the sea, is the quintessential way to create a special memory that you will always cherish in your heart.

Close your eyes and picture a feast beneath a starry sky while the flickering lights of the fishing boats reflect on the water surface. The sound of the sea will become a marvelous soundtrack for your unforgettable party; the fragrant scents of citrus fruits, the epitome of flavor along the Amalfi Coast, will enhance the taste of local dishes.

The couple and their guests can enjoy the toothsome local cuisine — based on freshly caught fish and natural products — or opt in favor of world-renowned recipes. The customizable menus can suit all different tastes, providing a truly unique and exclusive experience.

In Positano, you won't have to organize your wedding reception on your own. Experienced local professionals can walk you through each step of the planning, taking care of every detail in order to let you and your special someone enjoy the most wonderful day of your life without any worries.

The details of the event can be fully customized in order to meet the couple's wishes and needs, from the choice of the flowers to the color of the decorations, resulting in the creation of a setting where they can truly feel comfortable.

The famous architect and designer Charles Eames once stated: "The details are not the details. They make the design."

Villa dei Fisici in Positano offers a heartwarming stage where every single detail plays a vital part in generating a unique and unforgettable experience and this exclusive location on the Amalfi Coast provides the perfect background for a memorable wedding.

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